Orbital Vox Studios’ Post Production Award
5000 Euros worth of post-production services including digital mastering, special effects and sound design. The award is given to a project which successfully combines creative and commercial potential.

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Seventeen projects have been selected for the Co-Production Market, which will be taking place on 21-24 November at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event during the Black Nights Film Festival.
In other sections, Baltic Event highlights eight Baltic and Nordic projects in the script and pitch workshop POWR Baltic Stories Exchange and 20 projects in the Works in Progress and Screenings sections.

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In autumn 2016, the VoD distributor Under the Milky Way is releasing the Estonian film “Zero Point” in all territories of the European Union subtitled in the 24 official languages through the Creative Europe supported “Working (Sub) Title” action. The film will also be widely distributed in more than 80 additional territories including the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, Korea, etc. via global VoD platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Sony, Amazon, Microsoft, Vimeo, as well as the most prominent local platforms.

“Working (Sub) Title” is designed to find solutions to reduce the costs of subtitles production, and distribute European films on VoD platforms across multiple territories, representing a positive vision of the Digital Single Market for European productions and industry professionals.

“Zero Point”, an adaptation of the novel by Margus Karu, written by Margit Keerdo-Dawson, directed by Mihkel Ulk, and produced by Allfilm in collaboration with Estonian Public Broadcasting, was a local box office hit in Estonian cinemas, landing in the top ten in 2015. The film was presented in the Works in Progress presentation at Baltic Event 2014.

It was also at Baltic Event where the collaboration was first discussed by Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä, the producer of the film, and Pierre-Alexandre Labelle, the co-founder of Under the Milky Way, in 2015. Baltic Event is happy to have been an “example of the fruitful cooperation that can be generated by Networking Events of the European movie industry”.

“I am really happy that Mr Labelle’s visit to Estonia gave one Estonian film such a possibility of being seen all over the world, encouraging others to believe in the digital distribution as well,” Marge Liiske, the Managing Director of Baltic Event and the Head of Industry of the Black Nights Film Festival, said. She also lauded the new initiatives of Creative Europe that allow such wide-scale and simultaneous distribution of non-English language films, while Baltic Event, supported by Creative Europe since 2005 itself, has always aimed to facilitate the distribution of films from its region.

Photo: Pierre-Alexandre Labelle speaking of the best practices to address digital distribution at Baltic Event 2015.


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