Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event announce the Works in Progress projects

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event announce the projects that have been selected into the two works in progress showcases – the International and Baltic Event Works In Progress, which are screened to the sales agents and festival programmers on November 29 and 30 respectively. The Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event will take place from November 27 to December 1.

Baltic Event Works In Progress

Baltic Event Works in Progress programme, held for the 15th time in 2017, presents ten films in the advanced stages of production or post-production, providing film professionals with an overview of the most promising projects of the Baltic region and Finland.

The Head of Baltic Event, Marge Liiske, is pleased that last year’s slate has gone on to premiere at major festivals – Estonia’s The End of the Chain and The Man Who Looks Like Me were selected to East of the West competition in Karlovy Vary while The Man Slayer. The Virgin. The Shadow will come out in competition at BNFF, and Miracle by Egle Vertelyte, Lithuania, held its world premiere in Toronto. The latter, as well as Finnish Law of the Land were picked up by sales agents at BE. The latest to be released is The Eternal Road, made in the frame of the “Finland 100” centenary celebrations.

One of the most anticipated projects of the year is the full-length family animation Captain Morten and the Spider Queen by Kaspar Jancis (Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdom; BE Co-Production Market 2012), dubbed in Estonian, English, Gaelic and French, and voiced by Ciaran Hinds and Brendan Gleeson among others. Estonia is also represented by award-winning director Martti Helde’s second feature Scandinavian Silence (Estonia, France, Belgium; BE Co-Production Market 2016), and three debut features produced within the Estonian centennial film scheme: contemporary drama Take It or Leave It by Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo, historic family drama The Little Comrade by Moonika Siimets, and the historic mystery drama The Riddle of Jaan Niemand by Kaur Kokk.

Neighbouring Latvia brings The Mover, the story of Latvia’s Schindler by Davis Simanis, and contemporary relationship thriller Nothing Can Stop Us Now by award-winning director Andris Gauja to Baltic screens.

From Lithuania, Baltic Event is happy to welcome back 2016 Eurimages award-winner Motherland by Tomas Vengris as well as Breathing into Marble by Giedre Beinoriute, a Co-Production Market project from 2012.

We are also thrilled to present One Last Deal by Klaus Härö (BE Co-Production Market 2015), whose latest film The Fencer (2015) was nominated for the Golden Globes and shortlisted for the Oscars.

Captain Morten and the Spider Queen by Kaspar Jancis
Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, UK
Producer: Kerdi Oengo
Co-producers: Paul Cummins, Mark Mertens, Robin Lyons
Production companies: Nukufilm, Telegael, GRID-vfx

The Little Comrade by Moonika Siimets
Producer: Riina Sildos
Production company: Amrion

The Riddle of Jaan Niemand by Kaur Kokk
Producer: Katrin Kissa
Production company: Homeless Bob Production

Scandinavian Silence by Martti Helde
Estonia, France, Belgium
Producer: Elina Litvinova
Co-producers: Eric Vicente, Frederic de Goldschmidt
Production companies: Three Brothers, ARP Selection, Media International

Take It or Leave It by Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo
Producer: Ivo Felt
Production company: Allfilm

One Last Deal by Klaus Härö
Producers: Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho
Production company: Making Movies Oy

The Mover by Davis Simanis
Producer: Gints Grube, Antra Gaile
Production companies: Mistrus Media

Nothing Can Stop Us Now by Andris Gauja
Producer: Andris Gauja
Production company: Riverbed

Breathing into Marble by Giedre Beinoriute
Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia
Producer: Dagne Vildžiunaite
Co-producers: Inese Boka-Grube, Matija Radeljak
Production companies: Just a moment, Mistrus Media, Aning Film

Motherland by Tomas Vengris
Lithuania, Latvia
Producer: Uljana Kim
Co-producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Production companies: Studio Uljana Kim, Locomotive Productions

International Works In Progress

Entering the third year of International Works in Progress, Industry@Tallinn introduces twelve projects from South America, United States, and Europe in the post-production stage, looking for sales agents to represent them and festivals to screen them.

Triin Tramberg, International Works in Progress Coordinator, comments: ‘We are proud that many of our last year’s projects had their premieres at various festivals this year. The Lines premiered in Karlovy Vary, Easy in Locarno, and the Toronto Film Festival picked up Suleiman Mountain, Village Rockstars, and Salyut-7.

This year’s Works in Progress is dedicated to our good friend, big cinema enthusiast and professional and all in all a great person Igor Gouskov, whom we lost this autumn. His dream was to bring cinema from the former CIS countries to wider audiences. Thanks to his dedication and hard work we had many interesting projects from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and other countries to choose from. Igor would be proud and we will make it our mission to continue doing our best to find gems from this region and keep his dream alive.’

Packing Heavy by Dario Mascambroni, whose previous film January held its European premiere at Berlinale, is an Argentinian story about a young boy looking for answers regarding his father’s death. Amidst the Fog by Augusto Sandino, whose 2016 debut Gentle Breath received both the Special Jury Prize and the FIPRESCI Award at Tallinn Black Nights FF, follows a young man imagining a better fate far from his home in the Andes Mountains.

Moving to North America, Coming to You by Kirill Mikhanovsky is a mystical fable-like thriller inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s The Three Questions. Crystal Swan, a co-production between the US, Belarus, and Germany, is the debut for Darya Zhuk, portraying a quest to an American dream derailed by a typo in a forged visa application.

Other projects from the CIS countries include Clay Pit, the latest film by Vera Glagoleva, dealing with women’s happiness and its price, 43, a drama about a woman returning home after a lengthy incarceration by Dimitri Tsintsadze, whose previous films have successfully screened in Cannes and Locarno, Spitak by Alexander Kott, whose The Test and Insight travelled the festival circuit extensively, telling a story about love and hope in a town destroyed by an earthquake, and the debut by Olya Zueva, In the Hood. Two projects come from Kyrgyzstan – the historical musical Song of the Tree is the directorial debut of Aibek Dairbekov, while Marat Sarulu, presenting Thousand Dreams, won Best Director for his film The Move at Tallinn Black Nights FF in 2014.

The slate is rounded off by two debuts from Europe – one from director Aurelio Laino – Dancing Jellyfish, a thriller about an illegal immigrant, who helps a woman escape from an abusive partner, and As I Fall, a 2016 BE Co-Production Market project by Magnus Meyer Arnesen, exploring the unconventional relationship between a father and son under the looming threat of addiction and separation.

Clay Pit by Vera Glagoleva
Russia, Kazakhstan
Producer: Natalia Ivanova
Co-producer: Shinar Boribaeva
Production companies: Horosho Production, LLP Alizhanfilm

Coming to You by Kirill Mikhanovsky
United States
Producers: A. Austen, K. Mikhanovsky, Drew Houpt
Production company: Give Me Liberty Productions

43 by Dimitry Tsintsadze
Georgia, Russia
Producer: Rusudan Glurjidze
Co-producer: Nadezhda Gorshkova
Production companies: Cinetech Film Production, Viva Films

The Song of the Tree by Aibek Dairbekov
Kyrgyzstan, Russia
Producers: Tolkun Daırbekova, Andrey Epifanov, Tanya Petrik
Production companies: Central Asia Film, Cinetrain

Amidst the Fog by Augusto Sandino
Colombia, Brazil
Producer: Augusto Sandino
Co-producers: Claudio Cao Quintas, Gio Park, Mario Viana Garcia
Production companies: Schweizen Media Group, Psycut, Viana Producciones

A Dancing Jellyfish by Aurelio Laino
United Kingdom, Italy
Producer: Aurelio Laino
Co-producers: Alessandro D’Alessandro, Germano Wolf
Production companies: Freeside Films, 4Rooms, Decima Rosa

As I Fall by Magnus Meyer Arnesen
Producers: Gyda Velvin Myklebust, Magnus Kristiansen
Production company: Den Norske Filmskolen

Spitak by Alexander Kott
Armenia, Russia
Producer: Elena Glikman
Co-producer: Tereza Varzhapetyan
Production company: Telesto Film

Packing Heavy by Dario Mascambroni
Producer: Fernanda Rocca
Production company: Rocca Lada Fernanda Gabriela

In the Hood by Olya Zueva
Producers: Ruben Dishdidhyan, Danila Kozlovsky
Production companies: Mars Media Entertainment, DK Entertainment

Thousand Dreams by Marat Sarulu
Producers: Gulmira Kerimova, Aybek Dzhangaziyev
Co-producer: Chinara Kamchibekova
Production company: Film Studio Kyrgyzfilm

Crystal Swan by Darya Zhuk
Belarus, Germany, United States
Producers: Birgit Goernbock, Debbie Vandermeulen, Olga Goister, Valery Dmitrotchenko
Co-producer: Andrey Isachenko
Production companies: Demarshfilm, Unfound Content, Fusion Features, Vice Films, Belarus Film


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