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Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2018:

  1. After Hours, written by Kristo Kaas and Mart Raun, directed by Priit Pääsuke, produced by Marianne Ostrat, Alexandra Film, Estonia
  2. Cartacrespa. written by Michele Codarin, Michele Cogo, Nicola Lucchi, Sara Olivieri, and Massimo Vavassori, directed by Michele Codarin, produced by Fabiana Balsamo, Quasar Multimedia, Italy
  3. Chemistry, written and directed by Adina Dulcu, produced by Tudor Giurgiu, Libra Film Productions, Romania
  4. Comrade Dona, written by Filip Columbeanu, directed by Igor Cobileanski, produced by Iuliana Tarnovetchi, Alien Film, Romania
  5. Erasing Frank, written and directed by Gabor Fabricius, produced by Gabor Ferenczy, FocusFox, Hungary
  6. A Girl’s Room, written and directed by Aino Suni, produced by Sébastien Aubert, Adastra Films, France
  7. Light Light Light, written by Juuli Niemi, directed by Inari Niemi, produced by Oskari Huttu, Lucy Loves Drama, Finland
  8. Lovable, written and directed by Stanislavs Tokalovs, produced by Alise Gelze, Tasse Film, Latvia
  9. The Oasis of Now, written by Hamy Ramezan and Antti Rautava, directed by Hamy Ramezan, produced by Jussi Rantamäki, Aamu Film Company, Finland
  10. Oxygen, written by Birute Kapustinskaite, directed by Ernestas Jankauskas, produced by Gabija Siurbyte, Dansu Films, Lithuania
  11. Patagonia, written and directed by Aga Zwiefka, produced by Izabela Igel, Harine FIlms, Poland
  12. Quake, written and directed by Tinna Hrafnsdóttir, produced by Hlín Jóhannesdóttir, Ursus Parvus, Iceland
  13. Wedding on My Street, written and directed by Shota Gamisonia, produced by Vladimer Chikhradze, LTD 20 Steps Productions, Georgia
  14. Youri, written by Bastiaan Tichler, directed by Sander Burger, produced by Denis Vaslin, Volya Films, Netherlands
  15. Zenith, written by Olga Reka and Igor Stekolenko, directed by Igor Stekolenko, produced by Natalia Libet, Digital Religion, Ukraine

The jury for Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2018 is:

  • Emma Scott, Production and Distribution Manager, Screen Ireland, Ireland
  • Jeremy Zelnik, Head of Industry, Les Arcs Film Festival, France
  • Giovanni Pompili, Producer, Kino Produzioni, Italy

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19 films in production or post-production looking for sales agents or festivals for international premieres will be presented at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Work in Progress sessions on November 28

International Works in Progress 2018:

  1. Golden Voices, directed by by Evgeny Ruman, produced by Avraham Pirchi, Chilik Michaeli, Eitan Even, UCM, Evanstone Films, Israel
  2. Days of the Whale, directed by Catalina Arroyave, produced by Jaime Guerrero, co-produced by Natalia Agudelo, Nicolás Herreño, RaRa, MadLove, Colombia
  3. Senafon, directed by Evgeny Shelyakin, produced by Vasily Solovyov, Julia Mishkinene, Yury Khrapov, Anna Peskova, 2D Celluloid, Vita Aktiva Production, Russia, Thailand
  4. Drowsy City, directed by Luong Dinh Dung, produced by Nguyen Thi Huong, Tu Van Media, Vietnam
  5. On the Edge, directed by by Eduard Bordukov, produced by Elena Glikman, Mikhail Degtyar, Telesto-Film, Russia
  6. The Hunt, directed by Emre Akay, produced by Tolga Topçu, Emre Akay, Diloy Gülün, Jaguar Projects, Turkey
  7. Sisters, directed by Silje Salomonsen, Arild Østin Ommundsen, produced by Gary Cranner, Chezville, Norway
  8. Coming Home, directed by Darya Shumakova, produced by Benik Arakelyan, co-produced by Anna Gasparyan, Makar Zaporozhskiy, Movses Film, Armenia, Russia

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Baltic Event Works in Progress 2018:

  1. Goodbye Soviet Union, directed by Lauri Randla, produced by Peeter Urbla, co-produced byMark Lwoff, Misha Jaari, Exitfilm, Bufo, Estonia, Finland
  2. Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway, directed by Miguel Llansó, produced by Sergio Uguet de Resayre, Kristjan Pütsep, Miguel Llansó, co-produced by Guna Stahovska, Lanzadera Films, Alasti Kino, Spain, Estonia, Ethiopia
  3. Rain, directed by Janno Jürgens, produced by Kristjan Pütsep, co-produced by Karolina Galuba-Kowalska, Alasti Kino, Furia Film, Estonia, Poland
  4. Sandra Gets a Job, directed by Kaupo Kruusiauk, produced by Anneli Ahven, Kopli Kinokompanii, Estonia
  5. Truth and Justice, directed by Tanel Toom, produced by Ivo Felt, co-produced by Armin Karu, Madis Tüür, Allfilm, Estonia
  6. Aurora, directed by Miia Tervo, produced by Max Malka, Dionysos Films, Finland
  7. Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, directed by J-P Valkeapää, produced by Aleksi Bardy, Helen Vinogradov, co-produced by Alise Gelze, Aija Berzina, Helsinki-filmi, Tasse Film, Finland, Latvia
  8. Maria’s Paradise, directed by Zaida Bergroth, produced by Daniel Kuitunen, Kaisla Viitala , co-produced by Evelin Penttilä, Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen, Elokuvayhtiö Komeetta, Stellar Film, Kaiho Republic, Finland, Estonia
  9. 24 hr Sunshine, directed by Juris Poskus, produced by Madara Melberga, FA Filma, Latvia
  10. City on the River, directed by Viesturs Kairišs, produced by Guntis Trekteris, co-produced by Julietta Sichel, Kestutis Drazdauskas, Peter Pagauss, Ego Media, 8Heads Productions, Artbox, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania
  11. The Flood Won’t Come, directed by Marat Sargsyan, produced by Ieva Norvilienė, Tremora, Lithuania

Download the project catalogue.

The jury for Works in Progress 2018 is:

  • Tatiana Detlofson, Mediaplan, USA
  • Alena Shumakova, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, France, Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival, China
  • Alexandre Moreau, Memento Films International, France


POWR Baltic Stories Exchange 2018:

  1. Innocent Gun by Lucas Abrahao, Bojana Babic, Estonia
  2. Room 511 by Sevgi Emel, Finland, In Focus*
  3. Å by Aino Lappalainen, Finland, In Focus
  4. Suicide Mission by Hanna Partanen, Finland
  5. Kerttu / If I Would Talk to You by Kirsi Marie Liimatainen, Finland
  6. Hot Pans (working title) by Lotta-Kaisa Riistakoski, Finland, In Focus
  7. Provider by Susanna Ake, Finland, In Focus
  8. Alone against the Sky (working title) by Adel Oberto, Italy
  9. Lady from the Sea by Morten Traavik, Latvia/Norway
  10. Karin Boye (working title) by Asa Sandzen, Sweden

Download the project catalogue.

* This year, POWR is partnering up with In Focus, a Finnish initiative aimed at female filmmakers that provides an incubator to support four film or TV projects to cross the bridge from script to production stage. The initiative is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. In Focus will pitch their projects in collaboration with POWR.

Selected scriptwriters will present their projects on November 29.


Script Pool Tallinn 2018:

  1. Eva, Stay with Me by Daniel Baldotto, Colombia
  2. Lisa Antelava Is a Bitch by George Varsimashvili, Nicos Panayotopoulos, Georgia
  3. Man of Deeds by Radu Romaniuc, Romania
  4. Quake by Tinna Hrafnsdóttir, Iceland
  5. Welcome to the USA by Assel Aushakimova, Kazakhstan

Download the project catalogue.

The jury for Script Pool Tallinn 2018 is:

  • Katharina Suckale, producer at Bombay Berlin Film Productions
  • Marcello Paolillo, Head of Art of Panic, Stepln project manager at Locarno Film Festival
  • Julia Weber, Head of Theatrical Sales & Acquisitions of Global Screen GmbH